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The EB-5 Visa Process — A Faster Path To Permanent Residence

Foreign nationals who seek permanent resident status (green card) in the United States face a long and difficult process. In most cases, an applicant for a green card must have a U.S.-based sponsor — usually an employer promising full-time employment or a close family member who is already a U.S. permanent resident or citizen.

Even when prospective immigrants meet the many requirements for employer and family-sponsored green cards, there is no guarantee that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) will approve their visa applications quickly. Indeed, it is not unusual for prospective immigrants with valid applications to wait several years, or even a decade or more, to receive a green card.

Fortunately, a faster green card process is available to applicants who have significant financial assets. Successful applicants for EB-5 investor visas may obtain green cards in as few as two years, may enter the country sooner if they first obtain temporary visas, and do not require sponsorship by employers or relatives.

EB-5 can provide a solid path to permanent resident for EB-5 investors and their families.

Attorneys For EB-5 Green Cards, Temporary Visas And More

At Trow & Rahal, P.C., our experienced Washington, D.C., investor visa and EB-5 lawyers assist foreign nationals to obtain EB-5 green cards, temporary visas, and other investment-related visas that enable them to live and work in the United States.

Retain our services, and we will assess your visa options and develop an immigration strategy for you to set up a business, invest in a business or fulfill other requirements for coming to the U.S. — all as part of a comprehensive plan.

Tailored Services For Your Immigration Circumstances

EB-5 visas can be incredibly beneficial for both investors and the people whose lives they enrich through their investments. However, no two EB-5 applications are alike. We tailor our services for our clients' unique situations and their individual needs. You can count on us to create an immigration strategy that works for you!

Get Answers To Your Investor Green Card Questions

At Trow & Rahal, P.C., we are ready to discuss your situation and answer your immigration questions. For more information, contact us in Washington, D.C., at 202-684-7249.

Trow & Rahal has been in business for more than 20 years. Our attorneys are experienced and are extremely responsive and available to respond to any questions.

Visit our main website for more information about Trow & Rahal, P.C., and its comprehensive immigration services.

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